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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fresh Ubuntu Security Updates

This morning when I got into work, there were a number of Ubuntu updates. I have Update Manager setup to download all updates and prompt me to install them. This morning I just installed them without even looking at what was getting installed. I noticed a new kernel was in the mix though and got to wondering what all was fixed. It took me a while to find a Ubuntu Security RSS feed of updates. There is a ubuntu-security-announce mailing list archives page too. You can access the archives of the mailing list online if you don't want to add more email to your inbox. There are a ton of other useful Ubuntu mailing lists also.

And to point out one last thing. If you want to configure how Update Manager handles notification, download and installation of updates, go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources and then the Updates tab. I think you can also access it from the system tray icon when it is displayed. It sure would be nice to be able to access these configuration options with a link from the Update Manager too.

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