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Friday, July 4, 2008

Wow, I haven't posted in over a month!

Sorry to anyone (if there is anyone) who follows this blog regularly. I haven't posted in over a month now for a lot of very good reasons.

First, my hard drive crashed to the point that it was completely unreadable. I ran SpinRite on the drive for about 2 days straight and it was only 0.002% done scanning the drive with nothing recovered. Ouch! I had some backups but I realize I need a better system. Dual booting makes it harder to backup too because I have data on separate partitions and worse 2 different operating systems that need to perform backups but do it differently. Before the crash I was spenging most of my time in Linux but only had a backup system in place on Windows. Hopefully I will have more on that later when I find a solution.

A little over a week later, I went on vacation for just over 2 weeks (Italy and the Normandy region of France). I blogged some about my travels but saw very little Linux and Open Source related to blog about. I did see a few things I might touch on later but nothing super exciting.

Now that I have been back for a little over a week, I am finally starting to catch up and get my computer restored. I still want to finish blogging about my trip and in a few more weeks I will be moving and I still have to find a place to live. So... I've got some ideas for some new posts and hopefully I can get to writing them soon but I am not sure.

Enough of the personal updates, now back to the regular content...

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