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Monday, July 21, 2008

I hate Linux too!

Somehow this weekend I stumbled on the Linux Hater's Blog and it is quite a gem. It is not written by your average Microsoft or Mac zealot but, as I assume, a true and very frustrated Linux user. The Linux Hater's Blog discusses the many shortcomings of Linux that we all know are there but often don't want to admit. The author does this with a technical understanding that is far beyond your average Linux user too.

Some of the posts I have found most relevant so far have been the discussion on how having many, many choices is not better, the pain felt when upgrading Ubuntu and why my next box will likely have an NVidia card despite the open source ATI and Intel video drivers. (I wished I had an NVidia card when setting up Big Desktop.) I'm generally of the mindset of "it works" is greater than "it sort of works but here is the source if you want to try and make it work". I still respect the ideaology though.

Linux certainly has come a long way but it still has many shortcomings left to overcome. (Just read how much trouble ESR had setting up a printer on Linux in 2006.) I think we need more people sharing their pain and frustrations when using Linux to get those things fixed (so does this guy). After all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. So come on fellow Linux users, get to complaining!

P.S. - A good place to complain about Ubuntu is, of course, the forums but also the Brainstorm site.

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Kinetic said...

I'm sorry for people that are too stupid to use a computer or to learn how to use an OS.