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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Linux in the real world - in the wild

We all know that computers are everywhere in todays world. They are ATM machines, in your car, kiosks, cash registers, running factories, your cell phone, and the list could go on forever. You may not have thought about it but even these computers need an operating system. Many scarily run Windows, others run an embedded OS like QNX, VxWorks, or even plain old DOS. Most though, without you knowing it, probably run Linux. Embdedded Linux market share is high and on the rise.

I got to thinking about this again recently thanks to a Digg post: Vatican Runs Linux Yes, apparently they run Linux behind the scenes for some TVs in the gift shop. I wonder where else the Vatican is using Linux. This also makes me want to know where else have you seen or known Linux to be running? If it is embedded, you likely don't know that you have seen a device running Linux but maybe you've seen a Linux desktop somewhere like your local library, school, or in my case a hotel in Berlin.

Some companies are open about their products running Linux (and generally they have to be thanks to the GPL). Sometimes hackers just make Linux run on the device. Here are some:

Despite the high Linux usage, Windows is easier to spot in the wild though. Let me show you some proof:

At the McDonald's drive through

At the ATM

In Vegas

Piccadilly Circus in London

At the Gas Station

At the airport

Times Square in NYC and here too

Then there is the impressive showing at Toronto's The Bay department store. I could show you examples, after examples, after examples, after examples, after examples. So it is good to not "see" Linux running like this.

So back to my original question. Where do you know of Linux running in the wild? Do you have any pictures?


Brendon said...

Go to this page: Linux Kernel Panics

Forrest said...

Brendon, Thanks for the link! I figured there were sites and blog posts like that. That is a great start. Top 10 Funniest Linux BSoD