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Monday, March 3, 2008

What Ubuntu Brainstorm ideas are you voting for?

I am sure by now everyone and their brother has shared their excitement in a blog post about Ubuntu Brainstorm. Well here comes another.

Just over a year ago the massive computer manufacturer Dell started a site called Idea Storm. The purpose of this site was to get feedback from customers about what they would like to see from future Dell products and services. The site has been a great success and has helped to lead to such things as Dell selling preinstalled Ubuntu systems, Legal DVD playback on Dell Ubuntu systems and reducing all the preinstalled bloatware. Companies listening to their customers, who would have thought!

Ubuntu has decided to do the same thing. The are making it easier for us, their customers, to share our feedback.

I've already voted on a few things like:

And the one I really want to see is related to file meta data sorting in the file manager. I want to see and be able to sort by all those MP3 ID3 tags and my photos EXIF data, amongst other metadata. I marked one as a duplicate but I accidentally did it the wrong way. I wanted the primary idea to be "idea #1045: Nautilus: support file metadata in alternate view modes" instead. Go vote for this idea:

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