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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gnome 2.22 to be released today

I'm excited. Gnome 2.22 is set to be released today. Check out what's new in the release notes. The changes I find most useful are PolicyKit integration (so I don't have to type in my password if I just want to do something like view the partitions in GParted) and GVFS. Those changes will help and will continue to help make Gnome a more usable desktop in future releases.

The official release hasn't been posted yet but once it is I plan to download a Foresight LiveCD to check it out for myself. Foresight is the distribution used as "the top choice when demonstrating the latest GNOME". Once the ISOs are posted, the Gnome 2.22 LiveCD torrents will be here.

I won't be running Gnome 2.22 regularly until after Ubuntu 8.04, which will have it, is released on April 24th (as currently scheduled). That is the date I am really looking forward to. It is funny to read the release notes of Gnome and Ubuntu because much of the new stuff in Ubuntu is because it is new in Gnome. The Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 6 release notes mention PolicyKit, the new world clock applet and GVFS. All of those are also in the Gnome 2.22 release notes.

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