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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ubuntu Desktop Screenshot of the Day #3

Today is going to be a busy day at work catching up with everything that piled up over the holidays so I am going to be lazy and go ahead and post another desktop screen shot. This is one from my laptop and the first SSotD from it. The laptop is a Pentium M 1.4 GHz with 512MB of RAM.

Isn't it awesome that a Sudoku game comes with Gnome by default? 16 games come with Gnome out of the box actually. That sure is a lot better than just a stupid minesweeper and solitaire game! I just wish I didn't suck so bad at sudoku. But then again, my wife stole my sudoku book that I got last Christmas and did all the puzzles in it before I got a chance to get good.

It also would be nice to watch an episode of The Office one day and see Pam playing Gnome Sudoku instead of boring old Windows solitaire. Pam is a sudoku master after all: "Suduko. Level moderate, 18 minutes. Suck on that, Halpert." She sure wouldn't have gotten that virus while trying to download a celebrity sex tape if she was running Linux either.

Ah yes, and the background is GNOME Flowers.

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