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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hardy Heron 1 Week In - Update Time!

Ubuntu 8.04 has been out for almost a week now and I have seen a lot of mixed feelings on different blogs and forums. I would say most users love it but there is the occasional user with some strange and annoying problem. I've had my share of strange and annoying problems too. I've found a way around most of them though. But many of these problems may now be fixed. A bunch of updates have already started rolling out. These are not just security patches either, they are also lots of bug fixes. So be sure to pull down the latest greatest updates. I installed 29 of them today.


earlofthewest said...

Interesting. I have checked update manager several times today and I don't have any updates available. I switched from the server I normally use to both the US and Main server. Still no updates.
I want 'em. :)

EarloftheWest said...

Do you have Pre-released updates checked in your updates tab?

Forrest said...

earlofthewest - You know, I think am wrong! This was on my laptop that started from one of the beta installs. I have not had any updates on my desktop which I upgraded to Hardy on the 26th. I looked at that first update package, compiz-fusion-plugins-main 0.7.4-0ubuntu5, and it was from the pre-release repository. I looked and I have the pre-release repo enabled.

Sorry, false alarm.

earlofpeatrig said...

ah. that makes sense. Is it best practice to wait for updates or install pre-releases?

Forrest said...

I've looked and looked and looked and I don't see much explaining what the proposed packages are. The best I found was short thread on the forums: gutsy-proposed?

I think hardy-proposed could just be considered beta updates though. I looked at a few of the packages released to that stream and I think it is for developers to easily get releases out to users who can confirm they fixed the problem. I looked at the 2 bugs for the first 2 updates I got in my screen shot: #220631 in compiz-fusion-plugins-main and #219495 in evolution and the changes are merged from upstream.

So I would say there is no need to enable proposed unless there are some specific updates that fix problems you have or if you want all the new updates you can get and don't mind slightly less tested software. I imagine most Linux users fall into that second category though.